VisiFerm Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

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Simplify your dissolved oxygen measurement.

Optical sensors measure using an oxygen-sensitive fluorescent dye. The dye requires no equilibration time so it is instantly ready for use. A quality indicator displays the health of the sensor cap, and maintenance is as simple as removing and reinstalling the cap.

VisiFerm DO Arc sensors combine optical measurement technology with Arc Intelligent sensor outputs. The VisiFerm Arc sensor is a great choice for direct 4 - 20 mA or Modbus connection to the PCS control system. No additional transmitter is required. Sensor configuration and calibration is performed through ArcAir software. Communication with the VisiFerm sensor and ArcAir can be accomplished through Bluetooth wireless or standard wired connection to a PC or laptop.

The VisiFerm DO ECS optical dissolved oxygen sensor offers a simple way to upgrade from traditional polarographic sensors. The sensor measurement principle offers increased accuracy and reduced maintenance while the ECS (Electrochemical Signal) output can be directly input into controllers and transmitters that accept the traditional nano-amp signal of a polarographic oxygen sensor.





120mm, 225mm, 325mm, 425 mm

Electrical Connector


Measurement Principle

Oxygen dependent luminescence quenching, temperature compensation

Measuring Range

4 ppb to 25 ppm (DO) 0 to 62.85 %-vol or 0 to 300 %-sat

Accuracy at 25 °C

1 ± 0.05 %-vol: 21 ± 0.2 %-vol; 50 ± 0.5 %-vol

Drift at Room Temperature

< 1 % per week

Sensor Cap

ODO Cap H2



Oxygen Consumption


Temperature Sensor

NTC 22 kOhm

Configurable Values

DO: mbar; %-sat; %-vol; µg/l; mg/l; ppb/ppm (dissolved oxygen); Temperature: °C, °F, K


12 mm

Process Connection


Analog Interface 1

ECS / 4 to 20 mA

Digital Interface

RS485 Modbus (max. 31 addresses)

Operating Voltage

7 to 30 VDC max. 1 W

Serial Number


Response Time t98%

< 60 s at 25 °C


Yes, max. Temperature 130 °C



Steam Sterilizable

Yes, max. Temperature 140 °C

Operating Temperature Range

-10 to 140 °C; the sensor provides no DO reading above 85 °C

Pressure Range bar g

-1 to 12 bar





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