The Long and Short of it

Why is it so easy to buy a T-shirt online but so hard to get quality scientific products the same way? Based out of Brisbane, QLD and operating Australia-wide, RG Scientific has brought together world leading scientific suppliers with outstanding customer service, a user-focused web experience and a real drive to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get the right lab equipment as easily as possible.

Richard Grace

Managing Director

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Richard's story

Richard has been working with electrochemical equipment for his entire laboratory and sales career and has a wealth of knowledge of electrochemical measurement processes, from installation through to maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Anthony Neven

Director, Head of Sales

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Nev's story

Nev has been in scientific sales since the .com boom, and has seen many eras come and go in this industry. Nev is proud to usher in a new era of customer service and convenience, and will always go above and beyond for our clients.

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Kassandra Manderson

National Account Manager

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Kassandra's Story

Kass has been working in scientific sales for over ten years and has been at the forefront of sales and customer service in the scientific industry for her whole career. Kass works with our clients in every part of Australia, from the middle of the city to the back of beyond.

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