Hamilton Company

Process Sensors

High quality, long life and unique features for monitoring pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, ORP and cell density.

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Syringes and Needles

Precision syringes and needles for volumes from 0.5uL through to 2L for chromatography, life sciences and general liquid handling.

Diluter Dispensers

Dilution and dispensing systems to improve precision and reduce labout for repetitice analytical tasks.

Pipettes and Pipettors

Ergonomic single and multi-channel pipettes and pipettors for all applications.


Scales and Balances

High quality, durable and reliable mechanical and electronic balances and scales.

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pH/DO/ORP/EC/DO Meters

Versatile multiparameter benchtop and portable meters for the lab or the field.


Powerful and versatile universal centrifuges for virtually every application.

Shakers and Mixers

Robust mixing and shaking equipment, from vortex mixers through to heavy duty orbital shakers.

Dry Block Heaters

Designed for reliable everyday use in the lab. Digital and non-digital block heaters offer exceptional temperature uniformity with outstanding temperature stability.

Incubators and Thermal Shakers

Industry leading incubators and thermal shakers with exceptional heating/cooling performance and top of the line mixing.

Thermoline Scientific

Laboratory Refrigerators

Proudly Australian Made with reliability and security that's essential for busy labs where a stable temperature control is required.

Laboratory Freezers

Economy and premium laboratory freezers made in Australia, ideal for long or short term storage of laboratory products and samples.

Water Baths

Trusted for their consistency in delivering outstanding performance and reliability in the lab, combining ease-of-use and higher performance.

Laboratory Ovens

Trusted for their consistency in delivering outstanding performance and reliability in the lab, the complete range performs all common laboratory tasks.