Ohaus Mini Hotplate Heaters and Stirrers

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Compact, Reliable, Easy-to-Use Hotplates and Stirrers for Basic Heating and Stirring

Rugged OHAUS Mini Hotplates and Stirrers can heat and stir up to 1000 ml of water on the 4 x 4 in. (102 x 102 mm) ceramic top plate surface. These units are ideal for educational and other lab environments that require simple, every-day heating and stirring. All models feature a built-in support rod holder with a locking knob, which accepts the optional support rod kit. Stirring models include 1.5 in. (38 mm) PTFE coated stir bar.



Boiling Water, Dissolving Buffers and Reagents, Preparing Media, Concentrating Samples


Detachable 3-wire cord and plug (included)


Valox housing, basic control knobs, 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) stir bar (included with Stirring models),


Function Heating, Stirring, Heating and Stirring
Capacity 1000 mL
Plate Construction Ceramic
Plate Size 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm
Temperature Range Ambient – 500°C (heating models)
Control Analog
Dimensions 12.7 cm x 20.1 cm x 15.2 cm (HxLxW)
Net Weight 1.8 kg
Power 230V AC
Power Consumption 200 W (20W for stirring only)
Safety Certification CE;  TUV
Speed Range 100 rpm - 1,200 rpm (stirring models)
Working Environment 5°C – 40°C, 80%RH, non-condensing



Mini Hotplates and Stirrers Brochure


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