EasyFerm Bio HB pH Sensors

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When non-toxicity is mandatory.

Whether a retrofit or a new installation, EasyFerm Bio HB pH sensors come with industry standard electrical connector options and temperature compensation. If connecting to a controller, a wide variety of adapter cables are available to mate with any device.

EasyFerm Bio HB pH sensors provide a reliable solution for installations into food processing, dairy, brewing, beverage, and other processes where biocompatibility and sanitary certification are required. The pre-pressurized reference design ensures accurate pH measurement while options such as the HB glass membrane provide minimal drift when frequent CIP cycles are encountered.

Traditional sensors offer a standard mV signal that works with existing bioreactors and transmitters. Arc sensors can be connected directly to the control system through 4-20mA or digital signals. Memosens sensors are fully compatible with all existing Memosens transmitters on the market.



a-length 120mm, 225mm, 325mm, 425mm
Electrical Connector S7/S8, K8, VP6, Arc, Memosens
Measurement Principle Combination electrode; pH potential measured against reference
Measuring Range pH 0 to 14
Sensitivity 57 to 59 mV / pH at 25 °C
Zero Point 0 ± 20 mV
pH Glass Hamilton type HB glass
pH Glass Resistance Moderate
Membrane Shape Spherical
Diaphragm HP-Coatramic
Number of Diaphragms 1
Electrolyte Pressurized Foodlyte
Reference System Hamilton Everef-F, Silver ion barrier included
Liquid Earth No
Temperature Sensor Arc - Yes, Memosens - Yes, VP6 - Pt100/Pt1000, K8 - No, S7/S8 - No
Diameter 12 mm
Process Connection PG13,5
Wetted Parts Glass
VMQ (Silicone elastomer)
O-ring Material FDA 21 CFR 177.2600; EG 1935/2004; USP <87>; USP <88> Class VI (121 °C)
Serial Number Yes
Recommended Storage Hamilton Storage Solution or 3 M KCl
Certificate Yes, with measured values in Buffer pH 4.01 and pH 7.00
Autoclavable Yes
Steam Sterilizable Yes
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 140 °C
Sample min Conductivity 100 µS/cm
Pressure Range bar g 0 to 6 bar


Specific Arc sensor specifications

Analog Interface 1 4-20 mA for pH, programmable
Analog Interface 2 4-20 mA for Temp., programmable
Analog Interface 1 and 2 Galvanically not isolated; pulse width modulation 3.5 kHz
Digital Interface RS485 Modbus (max. 31 addresses)
Configurable Values pH: pH, mV; Temperature: °C, K, °F
Temperature Sensor NTC22 kOhm
Baud Rate 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600,115200 bd
Operating Voltage 7 to 30 VDC max. 150 mW

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