AirShield for Microlab 600 Diluter Dispensers


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Protect your investment with AirShield

The AirShield is a separate accessory that can be purchased for any Microlab 600 instrument. It creates a positive pressure blanket of fresh air inside the pump that pushes air out over critical components on the outside of the pump, protecting them from the environment.

Localized Harsh Environment

In many labs the air is relatively clean but samples and reagents placed near the instrument result in a localized environment that can be harmful. For these labs, it is sufficient to source clean air from the back of the instrument away from the microenvironment.

Optional Snorkel for Fresh Air Supply

For labs with a more demanding atmosphere it is possible to source clean air via a snorkel that connects directly to the AirShield. Fresh air is then brought from outside the harmful environment to create a shield of clean air around all critical instrument components.



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