PRP-X600 Analytical Guard Column Replacement Cartridges (5/pk), PEEK

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PRP-X600: Methacrylate (WAX) Anion Exchange HPLC Column

PRP-X600 is a superficially porous weak-base anion exchange support that separates DNA oligomers according to negative charge. The unique porosity provides fast separation with better sample capacity than non-porous supports. The superficially porous properties shorten the diffusion path of the analyte, resulting in sharp sample bands. The PRP-X600, a hydrophilic methacrylate-based polymer, improves sample recovery due to minimized hydrophobic interactions.

Application Examples: 
Nucleic acids such as single stranded/double stranded RNA and DNA, peptides, and proteins.

Anion Exchange

In anion exchange chromatography, the stationary bed has an ionically positive (+) charged surface while the sample ions are of negative (-) charge. The stronger the negative charge on the sample, the stronger it will be attracted to the positive charge on the stationary phase.

Anion Exchange Capacity

Anion exchange capacity is a measurement of the number of negative charges (anions) that the exchange resin can bind to and is reported in singly charged ion equivalents per 1 gram of resin. Exchange capacity is dependent upon the pH of the mobile phase and in anion exchange chromatography; as mobile phase acidity decreases (pH increases), the exchange capacity decreases.


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