MB25 Moisture Analyser

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Delivering the Ideal Combination of Results and Value

  • MB25’s halogen heating element quickly dries samples, and saves the operator ample time in comparison to moisture analysis procedures using a traditional oven.
  • With a bright backlit LCD and easy one-button setup and menu navigation, MB25 is extremely user-friendly.
  • MB25 is very easy-to-clean to ensure the integrity of your samples, and its compact design allows it to fit seamlessly into most workspaces.
  • Percent moisture determination, percent solid determination, weighing
  • Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Power cord (included)
  • RS232 (included)
  • Halogen heat source, ABS housing, metal pan support, metal pan handler, in-use cover
  • 3 shut off criteria (manual, timed or auto), 1 standard heating profile, 50° to 160° C heating range (5° C increments)
MODEL Capacity Readability Pan Size Item No.
MB25 110 g 0.005 g / 0.05% Ø 90 mm  80252472


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