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The Right Tube for the Right Job

Having the correct type of grinding media is critical for successful lysing.This handbook includes the complete line of OHAUS Bead Mill tubes and describes their appropriate use for specific applications

OHAUS’ convenient, ready-to-use Lysing Bead Tubes are a widely-used tool for sample homogenization. Each 2 mL self-standing tube contains pre-measured molecular biology grade grinding media* to effectively disrupt samples using high throughput homogenizers (e.g., reciprocating OHAUS HT Lysing Homogenizer), popular oscillating homogenizers, and smaller reciprocal bead beaters. Pre-treated grinding beads and balls are processed to remove potential contaminants, including nucleic acids, nucleases, and proteases, which could negatively impact downstream applications*. Quality control testing is performed to ensure that the lysing bead tubes meet OHAUS’ strict quality requirements.

Check out the brochure below for detailed specifications and information for each type of tube.


Bead Mill Handbook

*Disclaimer: Not for clinical use. For research purposes only.

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