Analytical Guard Column, PRP-X300

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PRP-X300 Overview

Hamilton PRP-X300 columns offer an easy, rapid way to separate closely related alcohols and organic acids. The sulfonated poly(styrenedivinylbenzene) support separates samples via a mixed mode mechanism. Separation on the PRP-X300 is accomplished by three modes: hydrogen bonding, reversed-phase, and ion exclusion. PRP-X300 column selectivity can be altered by changing the pH of the buffer or adding an organic modifier (e.g., methanol, acetonitrile). The support’s stability to organic solvents makes it possible to analyze samples that are too highly retained on conventional ion exclusion supports. The high performance packing ensures narrow peaks under isocratic conditions. The use of isocratic conditions allows samples to be analyzed one after another without waiting for column re-equilibration. Most samples require only minimal preparation before injection, increasing sample throughput in the lab.

Ion Exclusion

Ion exclusion chromatography is an alternative to ion exchange chromatography in which ionized samples are excluded from the pores of the support and elute first, while the weakly ionized and non-ionic compounds elute later. Mixtures of weak acids, like those in fruits and milk products, are frequently not very well separated by pure ion-exchange methods, nor in the reversed-phase mode.


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