Analytical Guard Column, PRP-C18

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High efficiency separations at any pH

PRP-C18 columns have genuine pH and chemical stability. The stationary phase stands up to prolonged exposure to concentrations as high as 1 M NaOH and 1 M H2SO4, with no measurable decrease in performance. The support does not strip, bleed, or dissolve at any pH. It can therefore perform reliably and reproducibly throughout the extended life of the column, regardless of mobile phase conditions. Unlike a silica C18 column, the PRP-C18 is resistant to temperatures above 100°C.

PRP-C18 Overview

The Hamilton PRP-C18 is a new HPLC column designed to provide high-efficiency, reversed-phase separations over an extended column life in nearly any mobile phase or pH. The rigid stationary phase has excellent mechanical and thermal stability (> 100°C), does not shrink or swell, and is completely inert to most conditions commonly encountered in reversed-phase chromatography. The PRP-C18 is a durable and effective column for general purpose HPLC and especially well-suited for specialized applications in the clinical, pharmaceutical, environmental, food, forensics, and life sciences industries.

Polymer Packings

Hamilton Polymers - Poly(styrene divinylbenzene) or PS-DVB is a robust polymer material used as the base framework for all the Hamilton polymer HPLC packing materials. The high degree of cross-linking with divinylbenzene makes the polymer bead extremely durable for high pressure applications.

Polymer columns can handle pressures over 5,000 psi, have a usable pH range of 1?13, and can be cleaned with 1.0 M sodium hydroxide to remove strongly retained material. Swelling in organic solvents such as THF or chloroform is negligible because of the cross?linking. PS-DVB resins can be operated at much higher temperatures as compared to silica based materials, and they provide excellent sample recoveries due to the lack of acidic silanol groups. Polymer columns are similar in retention characteristics to a C18, however, selectivity can be slightly different in some cases.


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